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Smallmouth Fishing in South Africa??

Tim on the Groot River
in South Africa

Minneapolis, MN; Johannesburg, South Africa -- Tim Holschlag, the author of "River Smallmouth Fishing", has "gone fishing" again, this time in South Africa for smallmouth bass! South Africa is about the only place outside of North America that has smallmouth, and Tim will fish wherever smallies swim! He spent 3 weeks in South Africa during November, on a fishing tour across the country.

Anglers in South Africa use Tim Holschlag's books on smallmouth bass fishing as manuals for how to catch smallmouth (a non-native species there) and his writing is quoted in South African fishing magazines. So Holschlag was invited to take a fishing tour of their country. Besides smallmouth, Tim fished for a variety of other species, in both fresh and salt water, with some of South Africa's top fishing experts. This other angling included catching enormously powerful Smallmouth Yellowfish in the Vaal River and Rainbow Trout in remote mountain streams.

While in South Africa, Tim also had speaking engagements at the Fly Tiers Guild in Johannesburg and the Cape Piscatorial Society (Cape Town). He gave presentations on the American fishing scene and instruction on smallmouth bass fishing.


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Tim's first South African Smallie