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The "movie" version of the classic book "Stream Smallmouth Fishing"


> Especially for on-foot smallmouth anglers

> Shows you many of the techniques in the new book "River Smallmouth Fishing"



THIS IS IT! -- The Newest Book!

River Smallmouth Fishing front cover

--  Actual Size = 7 inches x 10 inches  --  358 pages  --
--128 Photos (50 in color)  --  59 Illustrations, Charts and Maps--
--  100% River Smallies  --


This is the new "Smallmouth Bible,"
the most comprehensive book ever written about river smallmouth.

There's simply nothing else like it.


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River Smallmouth Fishing back cover


Al Lindner

Al Lindner

"This new book is a whopper! River Smallmouth Fishing is the most complete book about smallmouth I've ever seen. It's a terrific book about two of my favorite things -- smallmouth fishing and rivers. What could be better than that?" — Al Lindner
Author & TV Host

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This Book is All New!

This is not a version of the classic 1990 book, "Stream Smallmouth Fishing." This is a totally new and different work, containing all the angling wisdom Tim Holschlag has learned since then, in 2 decades as a smallmouth fishing professional.

This new book thoroughly covers float fishing, fishing craft, boat rigging, and wade fishing skills. It includes cutting-edge techniques like wacky worming, the river Float 'n' Fly, and the Crayfish Hop. Learn how to fish every type of river, in any conditions, and in all nine fishing periods, even winter. Plus special chapters on targeting big fish, getting started, and fly fishing.


Look inside the book:

Full-page illustration of sneaking by craft

One of many full-page
illustrations showing techniques
- click to enlarge -

Information and a chart on fishing low-density water

One page from the
258-page how-to section
- click to enlarge -

A page showing a destinations map, and list of rivers

Some of the 102 rivers
described in Part 2
- click to enlarge -

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What makes "River Smallmouth Fishing"
such a blockbuster?

Bigger and Better

This new book is about twice the size of Tim Holschlag's highly acclaimed first book, "Stream Smallmouth Fishing." This totally new book is packed with up-to-the-minute info on new techniques, lures, tackle, boats, and rigging. A whole new section gives detailed info on 102 smallmouth rivers to fish. This book has superb illustrations and color photos, and covers many new topics. It's just bigger and better in every way.

100% Rivers

No other book of this size focuses exclusively on rivers like this one does. Tim Holschlag has fished more smallmouth rivers than any known angler-- over 300 and counting. He fishes every type of river in every condition imaginable.

Tim travels across the country pursuing smallies wherever they swim. He fishes with local experts, to bring you the best techniques for every region of North America. River current presents a unique set of angling challenges, and nobody knows rivers like Holschlag.

Expert Coverage

"River Smallmouth Fishing" expertly covers all aspects of the sport. This book is carefully constructed by Tim Holschlag, to include every important point that you need to know. This 358-page book has 17 chapters of instruction, plus descriptions of the 102 best smallmouth rivers in North America.


The book's comprehensive information is broken down into easy-to-digest bites. Enjoyable to read, and written in Tim's witty conversational style. Handy charts and boxes summarize the key points.

Superb Illustrations

This large-format 7" x 10" book contains 42 illustrations by wildlife artist Ron Nelson, clearly depicting all the techniques. They also show river habitat and fish locations in specific seasons and water conditions. These beautiful full-page illustrations are clear and easy to use.

Packed with Photos

Filled with 80 high-quality instructional photos that illuminate the text. Plus a special section with 50 breathtaking full-color scenes of river smallmouthing.

By Tim Holschlag

Nationally know as the "smallmouth master," Tim Holschlag brings a massive amount of expertise to this book. He draws on a half-century of smallmouth fishing-- thousands of days on the water in hundreds of different rivers across North America, from tiny creek to giant rivers, from wilderness streams to urban waterways. Tim has caught thousands of smallmouth, and tested dozens of techniques and hundreds of lures.

Smallmouth bass have been Tim's passion for over 45 years and his full-time occupation for over 20 years. Holschlag is the author of "Stream Smallmouth Fishing," "Smallmouth Fly Fishing," co-author of "Smallmouth Strategies," and the creator and host of the new DVD "Stream Smallmouth Fishing: the Movie." He has written hundreds of smallmouth articles for many major fishing magazines. He instructs hundreds of anglers in his stream smallmouth schools, and is a popular speaker at fishing shows, stores, clubs and seminars.

For accurate and insightful smallmouth information, Tim Holschlag is the ultimate source.

For Your Fishing

Our mission is to help you catch more fish and enjoy your time on the water more. That's all that really matters, and that's what this book all about.

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Tim Holschlag


   Talking to thousands of smallmouth anglers across the continent, year after year, I see how you fish in different parts of the country, and I know what anglers' concerns and challenges are.

I think this book really addresses the questions you have and the fishing conditions you encounter. "River Smallmouth Fishing" will help you catch more fish and have more fun. — Tim Holschlag